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What is Harm Reduction?


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The Tennessee Harm Reduction Hub is a collection of resources, guides, and tutorials aimed at providing comprehensive support to emerging and existing harm reduction efforts in Tennessee. This Hub acts as a program development resource center to assist syringe services programs in implementing best practices, promising strategies, and innovative programming into their work.

1. Assist in the establishment of emerging SSP and harm reduction programs in TN
2.  Aid in the expansion of existing SSPs and harm reduction programs across TN
3.  Increase harm reduction knowledge and acceptance across TN
4.  Coordinate a community of practice among SSP and harm reductionists across TN

Please direct any questions to SSP.Health@tn.gov.

This guide illustrates elements needed for each type of TDH SSP Application: new applicant, amended application (new county), and amended application (same county). Access the TDH SSP application at https://redcap.link/TNSSPApp.

Tennessee Code § 68-1-136a outlines the objectives and services of a syringe services program in Tennessee, including “disposal of used needles and hypodermic syringes.”

This guide is intended for organizations that are applying to become an approved SSP in Tennessee. This guide is a step-by-step example of how to create documentation demonstrating that the proposed SSP site(s) meets the State of Tennessee’s SSP legislation zoning requirements, TN Code § 68-1-136g (2023).

This guide provides best practices and topics[RA1]  that are typically included in Safety & Security Plans submitted by approved SSPs. This guide also shows how to receive confirmation that law enforcement has received your plan, per TN requirements.

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